Christopher T Roberts
b. 1978

Christopher T Roberts is an artist who has been living and working in Wales for all of his adult life. He studied in Coleg Meani Bangor foundation course under the established Welsh painters Peter Prendergast and Iwan Gwynn Parry in the 1990s, before moving on to Cardiff where he completed his degree in Fine Art in the year 2000. He has exhibited across Wales, Chester and Liverpool.

Christopher’s aim has always been to create paintings about both life and painting. He has never been interested in creating an image that is 100% accurate in its realism, neither has he been interested in creating something that is a pure abstract composition with no connection to the real world. He is interested in making paintings that speak about being paintings whilst at the same time communicate about nature, relationships and the human condition. He strives to make paintings that are bold, interesting, energetic, self-aware, fun, reflective, life affirming whilst also highlighting fragility, anxiety and the bleak nature of existence. Paintings that exist as paradox.

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