Matt Emery
b. 1978

Matt Emery is a Kent Based artist, born in London Matt has a military background serving with the Royal Engineers which is evident in his work, which often depicting military scenes.

Matt came to art later in life and by complete accident. Trying to entertain his daughter on a rainy Saturday afternoon they sat down together and did some painting. Much to Matt's surprise he discovered that not only did he really enjoy this creative aspect of painting but had something he felt keen to pursue.

Initially using painting as a means to relax and wind down from an often stressful day job, it wasn't long before Matt decided he wanted to take his painting to the next level and develop his techniques and skills. He sought guidance from renowned artist Emil Nikolla and quickly began to see improvements in his work. Since then Matt has gone on to gain formal qualifications with the Open college of the arts. Matt has gone from strength to strength and now spends most of his spare time in his studio at home in Maidstone.

He has been commissioned by several military units to create bespoke pieces. The largest to date a scene from 36 Engineer regiment on United Nations humanitarian operations in South Sudan that now hangs in Park House a beautiful Grade II listed building and the regiments officers mess. Matt is very proud to currently have four pieces exhibited in the Royal Engineers museum. Matt has also had many sales of his work including internationally and as far a field as the USA Australia New Zealand and Europe.

Of his work Matt says 'I love to paint images that inspire or intrigue me. I lean heavily on my personal life experiences to bring life and realism to my paintings. I want the viewer to be able to connect with the image and view it as if looking through my eyes. I am inspired by JMW Turner and Terrance Cuneo . Their use of materials and composition and the way they are able to make the painting live. I also favour oils much as they did as a medium and love the texture depth and richness I feel it brings to the paintings'.

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